Redeemer is a new channel for global distribution of open-ended funds 

Crypto investors have money

They are rebalancing their crypto gains into other assets. They are early adopters that want fast settlement and global access 

Reach them directly

Redeemer delivers your fund directly to their wallets. You get investor qualification, compliance, speed. 

A Global Channel

Why Redeemer?

Redeemer is a channel for hedge funds and mutual funds. New investors will be able to buy your fund quickly and globally, through the magic of crypto wallets.

Aggressive investors

With recent rises in the price of crypto, crypto owners have a lot of value that is highly correlated with bitcoin. They are rebalancing.

How it works

Redeemer’s revolutionary on-chain packaging makes it easy for them to buy. They can send some crypto through Redeemer. Redeemer will send a redeemable token. They can send back the token, and after the agreed redemption process, Redeemer sends back money in crypto form.

Why it is better

Your sale process is clean and fast, with built in delivery of disclosure documents and immediate cash settlement. Investor qualification is automated. Investors can get extra value from the tokenized version of your asset by pledging it into the DeFi market.


Redeemer gives you control of your compliance obligations by giving you control over who buys your fund. 

Digital revolution

Redeemer puts you at the leading edge of the move to blockchain-based digital securities. We get get you into the market early because our digital securities are redeemed and not traded, simplifying compliance.

When you register for the waitlist, we will send you a whitepaper with our vision for the future of securities distribution. 


  • International HNW and family offices
  • Accredited, Professional, and Sophisticated, by jurisdiction
  • US QIB and US QP
  • Retail by jurisdiction
  • Smart contracts and machines

Crypto features

  • Buy and redeem using simple on-chain transactions
  • Accept stablecoins and crypto. Securely deliver cash to your custodian
  • Available internationally, with automatic assignment to the most efficient feeder for each buyer
  • Off-chain registry of ownership protects customers from key loss
  • Redeem with the agreed delays, from daily through yearly. Optional liquidity services can meet investor expectations for fast settlement
  • New! Assets can be pledged for DeFi margin borrowing


  • Define your set of qualified investors
  • Qualify investors through our network or yours
  • See a real-name registry in real time
  • Start with no securitization and transfers, just a tokenized receipt. Add transferrability if it is appropriate.

Amazing support

Discord chat for answers any time.

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